Brain Candy 13 Change And Refine To Learn

The only way to learn is to disagree with an idea, thought, method or strategy that we formerly believed. It's more fun when we can go from a blank slate, learning something brand new. It's often less enjoyable to have to change our minds about another thing that we've had wrong. For many years I told myself that I was special because I could do so well with minimal sleep. I now know that was false and I'm experiencing amazing benefits from 20% longer sleep since January of this year. I used to justify more alcohol consumption than is healthy, but now have dramatically reduced that. I had come to accept that I was 30 pounds over weight, but after seeing a picture of myself from the side, I realized that I didn't deserve to wear athletic gear. I excused myself with "men of a certain age" logic. Since September 2020, I have lost 35 pounds, and still have 3 more pounds to go before I reach

my target weight. I sometimes look at the 20# and 15# medicine balls in my equipment bin, and think, "that was me". Belly fat is bad for your brain, but it's worse for your energy levels, movement, and overall look and feel. It has been nice to move well on court. The cumulative effect of these changes has been transformational. My credibility and effectiveness with clients has doubled. My days of aches and pains have been cut in half. I achieve more with less effort.

Want to be updated when a new blog is posted? Bill Patton has been in the Sports Coaching Industry for over 30 years, and has mastered his craft. He currently works with CEOs of Start Ups, High Ranking Military Leaders, The Winning Summit, Tennis Innovation Week, and BrainSports.Coach a new site that delivers cutting edge brain research. Bill’s mission is to give you the competitive edge by delivering fundamental, non-conventional, counter-intuitive, nuanced skills to take your game, coaching, learning and parenting to a new level. The main objectives of this blog is to give the very latest, most ignored, and opposing views of conventional wisdom, so that you won’t have to make the mistakes Bill formerly made in using his own supercomputer. Much has been about becoming 1% better, and Coach Patton is dedicated to his own constant improvement and yours. Get a FREE 20 minute Sports Brain Consultation. Bill is the author of 12 books, formerly a certified tennis teaching professional for over 25 years, before now settling on the title Sports Neuroscientist. He has a B.S. Industrial Psychology, and written a Masters Thesis in Education.

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