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It could be argued that the most negative effect on all those who did not contract covid 19, is a reduced amount of oxygen to our brains. I've been consuming everything I can in regard to high performance brain science. Here is a podcast you might want to subscribe to on Spotify, YouTube, and you are on your own for other platforms. The rest of this blog functions as a summary of what I learned from these brain experts.


Try this, take two quick big inhales, then let out a sigh. You may immediately feel more relaxed. This is a great thing to do right before sleep, or prior to a high stress activity. Breathing is amazingly connected to stress reduction.

A Way Of Life

People have a mindset around breathing, for instance as the gulp air, take noisy breaths, or try hard to get more air. In reality, matching breaths slowly through our noses is more efficient aligning with actual needs. Deep exhaled and holding breath for short periods of time helps us get more air. People also breath through their mouths for maximum volume, but nasal breathing is definitely more regulated.


20-30% of our energy is used by brain. The breathing expert says the majority of our energy comes from breathing. Getting the CO2 out is more important than getting the oxygen into our lungs.

What To Do?

Bring Awareness to Breath

Discover the origin of breathing problems.

Build New Habits

Conscious > Subconscious

Research breathing and practice more slowly through your nose.

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