Brain Candy 22 Unique Minds

Today I will be teaching three very unique people. Each of them has had to alter their brain by changing their mindset. Carol Dweck, legendary researcher in Education, TED talker says that people with a growth mindset have a more open mind physically. Their brains have made more space for new information, they are better able to take on challenges. T, the 14 year old boy who hopes to make his high school team is a very stubborn guy. I get through to him by asking him questions. Then I clarify his answers, and I also connect to his love of racing. He himself races go karts at a high level. It's dangerous, so he is a bit of adrenaline junky. I'm going to capitilize on that today with more volleying.

Z is a former high ranking military officer. To her, when mistakes are made, people die. I had to remind her that she is not in the military, and that tennis has actually very little risk of death, in fact tennis players live longer, than most people by 11 years. Her logistical mind is so strong, developing the part of her brain that simply sees the ball and feels the shot has taken a few lessons. She is learning to shift modality of thought.

S is a negative thinker, and has many subjective judgments about good shots and bad shots. Along with a little paralysis by analysis and checklist building, we have worked to simply come to awareness of what is...

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