Brain Candy 31 Trading Brain Cells With The Devil

One of the most foolhardy (but, short term gratifying) decisions that I ever made was to allow my friend who tuned street rods (muscle cars), to work on my Honda Civic. He honed my valves to very close tolerances. It became a rice rocket.

Wanna Race?

This was quite fun in the short term, because I could race in my rather tame car. Tortoise and the hare and I was the hare. Alas, the trip from San Diego home to Oakland in 8.5 hours fried my motor. It was fast, and I got my girlfriend to her 9am class, even though we left SD after midnight. Was it worth it? Maybe it was. But not if that was my brain.

Don't Trade Your Health

People are outliving their brains. While I take great satisfaction in helping elite athletes gain a performance edge, we are not cutting into the long term usefulness of the person. But those "energy" drinks, processed foods, lack of sleep those things are very harmful. If you are truly elite, it's almost gaurenteed that you will be approached, trained, or encouraged to embrace a practice that might give a short term benefit, or seemingly advance your ability to improve or impress, but there is no future in it.

Choose Consistently Well

When confronted with, "This can shorten your life by 10 years", many people are tempted to make a deal with the Devil. When the time comes to pay the price, almost universally those same people wish they could turn the clock back, instead of forward.

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