Brain Candy 33 Balance with Donato Campagnoli

Updated: Jan 11

Your balance is governed largely by your cerebellum, and yet, there are people whose cerebellum are not functioning even to 5% efficiency who have learned to balance themselves. Assuming yours is healthy, it’s a great idea to daily challenge your balance in some way. For older people it can be walking up and downstairs without looking at your feet. For some walking a narrow ledge, and balancing on one foot at a time can be enough.

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The Conversation

A few weeks back, I had a great conversation with Donato Campagnoli of the Italian Tennis Federation. Italy is currently doing a fine job developing top players. We had an extended conversation about balance. You can see the full raw conversation, or you can see the edited clips. When I edited them, I took out the ‘ah, um and uhs’, along with the pauses, and times when either Donato or I threw in some throwaway phrases or repeated ourselves.

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