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Brain Candy 34 What's Up With Bill?

I’m taking things a bit slower for longer than I thought I would. I try not to write too much during the holidays, because I want to save my energy for my family, and holiday celebration. Lately with the impending and finally the death of a close friend, coupled with the urgent desire to complete The Complete Guide To Coach Team Tennis by Friday January 14th, 2022, I’m not really making content for your consumption, but be patient, after I get done with that I am going to be turning my attention to a new book. I think I have a working title for a book on Neuroscience for Performance, but I’m open to ideas. A one or two word title are what I am aiming at, so if you have something you want to offer in that regard, I will certainly credit you. One possible title is Brain Sports, and if I do a one word title, the one I have in mind, you wouldn’t possibly guess, and it will also take the book in a different direction than I had originally intended.

These things have a life of their own. When you start a book, you have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish, but as the fingers type and the thoughts get on the page, it becomes much more about arranging this new and unexpected thing into something useful. In any regard, the book is going to be a study of brain/mind/body/spirit/community/soul/person.

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