Brain Candy 9 The Value Of Hard Work

In the last 8 days I have had two lessons with a new client who is a retired high ranking military leader. The mindset she brought to the court needed pretty significant changes. There is a correlation between brain plasticity and mindset. Recent research shows that brain plasticity has been dramatically underestimated and that your brain changes shape, structure, function and blood circulation based on the activities you are currently pursuing. The activity more people need to engage in is play. When people come to me to work on their game, I redirect them, just like the Lt. Colonel. She said, "When I make mistakes, people die." I respond,"You are not in the military right now." Almost every lesson with a new client, I say this:

So, let's see, you are over there working hard, but I'm over here goofing off, and then you are going to pay me? Seems ridiculous and unfair, right? Maybe you can start playing the game!

The most common feedback about what the player learned in the first lesson? They say "You taught me how to relax". It has been known for a long time that learners who are anxious or tense suffer from The Affective Filter, this means that they are not able to cleanly, clearly process new information. The cognitive anxiety in their minds fogs the understanding of incoming data. The somatic anxiety of the body, blocks the full sensory feedback of the actions. Relax, have fun, learn everything more quickly.

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