Build A Foundation On Gratitude

Let's start with a moment of awe and gratitude. We have been given the world's smartest computer, inside our skulls. A fluid chunk of jelly that houses amazing abilities to make decisions. Our brains are the most complicated piece of machinery in the known universe. That is not to be discounted.

Get Rooted, Expand Out

This blog is about taking care of that machine, creating a users manual for best practices, the mind/body connection, and later connected musings to create a well rooted tree, with a mighty trunk, springing into branches of thought, and finally then the twigs and leaves of the details. These early posts are foundational, the building and expanding of the roots and trunk. It's a common malady that people, like you and I, are easily drawn to the advanced ideas, before having mastered fundamentals, then we easily can get off base.

Join The Journey

Come with me as I build a base. So, I start with gratitude for having been given the greatest physical gift in our known universe. A brain that houses mysteries of mind, plasticity, wide varieties in wiring, growth and fixed mindsets and how they physically change the structures that support learning and growth. People unwittingly, bravely and stupidly abuse their brains, like I have for many years. But as I type, I am also renewing my commitment to take better care of my brain with the expressed goal of living to 100, walking and talking (intelligably?). I want to influence you in the very same way. To Live.

Bill Patton is a Sports Neuroscientist specializing in Tennis, but has expertise to share with any coach, player or parent in any sport. He has a B.S. Industrial Psychology, and a Masters Thesis in Education. For many years he has soaked up every possible source of information about how the brain works, and is pursuing a certificate on the Fundamentals of Neuroscience from Harvard EdX.

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