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Daily Brain Candy 6: Brain Drink

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

You can take your foods as your medicines, or

You can take your medicines as your foods.

~ Hippocrates

Especially in the United States, we eat many foods and drinks that are not only not nutritious, but actually damaging to our brains. Water is great with a nice amount of minerals to support brain function. Coffee, tea, energy or soft drinks, and various forms of alcohol have a diuretic or dehydrating effect on our body and brain. I don't drink energy drinks or soft drinks at all, but there was a time that I thought I would have to have those every day of my life, or die. I have had days where 10 cups if coffee seemed necessary and normal, but now I'm down to one full sized French press and sometimes a one cup serving. I'm toying with the idea of giving up coffee, except that I spend so much time at the internet cafe, I feel an obligation to give patronage. As for alcohol, I have never been an alcoholic, but I have abused it and myself. I did get into a habit of having a daily drink, but now I'm down to maximum twice a week, and often go two weeks or more without one. Dr. Daniel Amen says "That red wine you drink for your heart, is bad for your brain.

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