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Hey there, I am pleased to announce that I am on vacation. The occasion is that my aunt Lorna is having her 90th birthday, and it's creating a bit of a family reunion. Laurie and I with our adult children decided to make it a four day vacation to California Gold Country in the Sierra Foothills, which is quite the place to visit if you have never been.

So, I am off for 4 straight days, which does not happen much, exploring the region, visiting the first gold discovery site in California, a winery, and crashing at an AirBnB. It's pretty cool to visit 150 year old wild west gold rush towns.

That's it for now, but I do hope that you take some time to rest, revive and reconnect with the history of your place. I will be back to doing Tennis and Sports Coaching posts on Wednesday, July 6th. But until then, I might blog a bit more about my trip.

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