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Winning Summit #1 Introduction To Three Winning Strategies For Your On Board Computer

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

There are three main strategies for winning more, but using your on board computer much better. Yes, that one, your brain, we are going to explore three major ways to get more from it. One of the strategies might seem obvious or non-consequential, the second one runs counter to much conventional wisdom, and a third confounds the hacker mentality. The problems are that people think that they are doing things that help them, while in reality they are hurting. We are going to talk about behavior and mentality that negatively affects Decision Making, Clarity Of Vision, Reaction Time. There are things we all do that reduce our practice and playing efficiency, and slow down the learning processes, and ultimately cutting short the longevity of our brain along our lifespan. People more and more are outliving their brains. My personal goal is to live to 100 years old walking and talking. Join me on this path of better performances, and greater influence.

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People like to say and do a lot of brave things, but the problem is that they are not always wise. In the annals of ancient wisdom, Aesop’s Fables are among the top sources, and the incredible vision of the Tortoise and the Hare. On the one hand there is great value in not stopping during the race, but people take the story beyond the bounds of the competition. If indeed the Tortoise maxed out what they could do on the day, wouldn’t it need to rest and recuperate afterward? I believe so. But many people take this story, and they stretch it into a 24/7/365 myth of overworking themselves. People are sometimes amazed that I have written 7 books since 2014, but then they also don’t see how little I write each day. That’s the tortoise, the hare would take one month and try to write 10,000 words a day, me, going slowly write about 800-1,500 words almost every day. Now that I do all of what is outlined below, I have received some major benefits that I also want you to achieve.

1. Better Clarity Of Vision, Reaction Time

2. More Relaxed Play

3. Greater Problem Solving Ability In Matches

4. Higher Work Efficiency In Practice

5. Faster Learning Of New Concepts and Patterns

6. Greater Longevity In Competition

7. Higher Quality Of And Length Of Life

Watch this space, as the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing about The Winning Summit, which is coming soon!

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