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Using neuroscience to take your tennis to the next level.

Sydney Tour Competitive Players
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World Class Coach Bill Patton who is an expert in Neuroscience and Visual Training in Tennis in coming out to Sydney in the first 2 weeks of February to unlock an area that is basically undiscovered.

I will teach you how looking after your brain and training the way you think will help you perform on a higher level. To do this you will be trained how to approach a training session to maximise your potential at each training session and how to connect with your coach so that they can almost read your mind. In other words, training you how to be more coachable for your coach so putting those two things together both you and your coach will work as a team with a high amount of connection.

Your brain is a supercomputer, so treat it well for high performance. Performing at a high level takes a lot of care and the more important body part to look after is your brain. Do this will result in you exceeding your previous performances in ways that you didn’t think were possible so quickly.

You will learn how to achieve more advanced skills in a very short time frame and turn those ‘weaknesses’ into strengths overnight.

This is just some of the things you will cover in the course in early February.

After more than TWO significant brain injuries, my interest in Neurosciences along with mindset training has intensified.

I have always been fascinated by the brain, and the mind/body connection mostly because I have been an outlier in brain function and behavior.

What you will learn

  • How to eliminate many miss hit shots

  • How to have better levels of concentration through the match

  • Develop great habits and skills to make great shots and reduce anxiety

  • How to avoid embarrassing losses to lesser players

  • Learn why missing one of the first two shots is dangerous

  • Create different mindsets for 1st and 2nd Serves on Serves and Returns

  • How to play to your abilities, and your personality

  •  Create a B game that can help you win a match that your A game won't

  • Learn the rules of when it’s time to stick with a strategy, or abandon it

  • Why some matches are won or lost the night before


Sports neuroscientist

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Bill is a senior contributor to SportEdTV, the number one sports education website in the world, and Serve It Up Tennis Magazine an online junior tennis publication.
Bill has written 12 books, most notably