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Learn how to rally and serve so you can play anytime, anywhere

Bill Patton Sydney Tour Social Adults
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​World Class Coach Bill Patton who is an expert in Neuroscience and Visual Training in Tennis in coming out to Sydney in the first 2 weeks of February to help open up the skills you already have in you to enjoy Tennis from the get go

I will teach you how use your apprehension instead of your comprehension to have you playing and enjoying Tennis at a number of levels higher than you think is possible. To do this you will be trained how to release the natural ability in you to maximise your improvement every time you play Tennis with or without a coach.

To First start up you’ll learn How to minimise and use the nerves of first starting tennis.

You will be able to rally to 10 on the first day or enhance your rally skills for those who already know how to play.

You will learn how to achieve more advanced skills, including how to serve in a very short time frame and turn those ‘weaknesses’ into strengths overnight.

This is just some of the things you will cover in the course in early February.

After more than TWO significant brain injuries, my interest in Neurosciences along with mindset training has intensified.

I have always been fascinated by the brain, and the mind/body connection mostly because I have been an outlier in brain function and behaviour.​

What you will learn

  • How to Eliminate many miss hit shots

  • How to Have better levels of concentration while you play

  • Develop great habits and skills to make tough shots and reduce anxiety

  • How to Play to your abilities, and your personality

  • How to Let Your Brain Teach and Train You

  • Unlock The Power of Apprehensive Performance


Sports neuroscientist

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Bill is a senior contributor to SportEdTV, the number one sports education website in the world, and Serve It Up Tennis Magazine an online junior tennis publication.
Bill has written 12 books, most notably Visual Training For Tennis, The Athlete Centered Coach, and The Art of Coaching High School Tennis

Increased Life Expectancy for Tennis Players